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Sclerotherapy Q & A

Sclerotherapy & Treatment options for spider veins

Spider veins can be left alone if they are not causing any problems.

Treatment options are available for spider veins that are unsightly or uncomfortable. Approximately 80-90% of spider veins that are treated will disappear or become much smaller.

The most common treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy, which is outlined in the next section. Other treatments include:

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for spider veins. It can usually be performed on an outpatient basis with very little scarring or side effects. During sclerotherapy, a solution containing saline and other chemicals is injected into the vein with a very small needle. The solution causes the vein to close or collapse, greatly reducing or even eliminating its appearance. Sclerotherapy may require multiple treatments of one to three injections per vein (more than one vein can be treated at a time in one session).

Some doctors may combine procedures for optimal results, depending on the patient’s preferences and lifestyle.