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Mole Removal

Integrated Dermatology of North Raleigh

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Mole removal is a common in-office procedure that’s essential for biopsying your skin or removing skin growths. At Integrated Dermatology of North Raleigh, you can meet with an expert dermatology team, including Angela Macri, DO, that has extensive experience in mole removal procedures. If you have an abnormal mole or need a mole removed, book an evaluation at this Raleigh, North Carolina, dermatology practice today. You can conveniently schedule either online or over the phone.

Mole Removal Q & A

Why do I need a mole removal?

The most common reason for needing a mole removal is because you or your dermatologist noticed an abnormal mole or growth. Removing the suspicious mole and having it evaluated at the lab is essential for early detection of actinic keratosis (pre-cancer) and skin cancer.

You can also request to have a mole removed for other reasons. For instance, if you have a mole that sits right on your bra line and is always subjected to friction and rubbing, it can become irritated, cause pain, and even start bleeding. Removing it can eliminate these problems.

Mole removal is also sometimes a cosmetic request. If you have a mole that makes you feel self-conscious, your dermatologist can remove it.

What happens during a mole removal?

Mole removal surgery is a simple in-office procedure. It begins by cleaning your skin in the treatment area and administering a numbing injection. Although you’re probably going to feel a slight prick and some burning from the injection, the discomfort only lasts for a split second. Going forward, you shouldn’t feel a thing.

The next step involves using a sharp, sterile blade to shave away your mole. If the mole is suspicious, your dermatologist may also remove some of the healthy tissue surrounding it to ensure they capture all possible problem cells.

Once your mole is removed, your dermatologist uses a specialized tool to cauterize or burn the treated area. This stops bleeding and stimulates the turnover of new skin cells in an effort to speed up the healing process.

For larger mole removal procedures, you may need a couple of stitches afterward. Your entire mole removal procedure at Integrated Dermatology of North Raleigh is quick and can easily be performed over your lunch break.

Will I have a scar after a mole removal?

The expert dermatologists at Integrated Dermatology of North Raleigh have extensive training in mole removal procedures. They try to minimize scarring as much as possible. But scarring after having tissue removed is often unavoidable.

As your skin heals, your scar gradually fades and becomes barely noticeable. Your dedicated dermatologist can even counsel you on which products you can use at home to promote healing and minimize scarring, especially if you had a mole removed from your face or another prominent area.

Schedule your mole removal evaluation at Integrated Dermatology of North Raleigh by clicking on the online scheduler. You can also call the office directly.