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This month I celebrated my 20th year with Andrus & Associates and I join the ranks of other staff members who have been here 20+ years. What a wonderful place to be!

I came to Andrus & Associates as an RN with my Bachelor of Nursing Science degree and 6 years of home health nursing experience. I was pleased to learn that this office focuses primarily on clinical dermatology and sees all age groups and skin types.

It has been an interesting education learning about skin diseases from acne to zoster and everything in between. My education continues as I have been fortunate enough to attend many Dermatology Nursing Association conventions over the years, and in 2003 took the DNA exam to become certified.

In 2012 I was promoted to Head Nurse in the office. I enjoy working on the nurses’ assignment schedules and ensuring that the clinical area runs smoothly. One of the ways we promote efficiency in our office is to return phone calls left on the nurse’s line the day they are received and usually within 2 hours.

One of the most challenging tasks facing patients and staff in any specialty of medicine is obtaining prior authorizations for medications. Our office strives to be as efficient as possible when handling these special circumstances. As soon as we learn about the need for a Prior Authorization (PA) from your pharmacy, we begin the process by contacting your insurance company and requesting the appropriate forms that your insurance company  requires to be completed. Based on the physician’s records, myself and the other RNs complete these forms. Since we are all RNs, we can provide detailed explanations for requiring the medication that the physician prescribed. Unfortunately, the insurance companies sometimes deny coverage for their own reasons, but we are able to obtain a response from them quickly, often within 1 day.

I’ve seen many changes in my 20 years here, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment from everyone in our office to take care of our patients. It has been a pleasure to grow with the changes and I look forward to new challenges and adventures. One change that I’m very excited about is the permanent addition of Dr. Willis Martin to our staff.

Please feel free to approach me with any comments or concerns when you are in our office.


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